Thursday, July 9, 2009

You now you're surrounded by geeks when...

...on, there's a posting on the return of Monkey Island!

God I love this industry. And yes, I have the game on order already and fdefinitely will get me each and any incarnation of the old classics from Steam and then the ones they're preparing for the Wii ;-)


  1. Definitely a geek. Nerds are cool compared to geeks. ;)

    WTF is Monkey Island?

    I had Intellivision with Pitfall and AstroSmasher.

    My fav arcade games were:
    1. Tempest
    2. Gorf
    3. Battle Zone
    4. Galaga
    5. Donkey Kong

  2. Monkey Island Rocks!
    The siege of spinner kay now out! ;)